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Max Fitness has everything you want in a fitness center! Enjoy a beautiful, clean and non-intimidating environment where you can workout with friends!

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  • "Max Fitness Baton Rouge, you guys are the best!"
    Savannah Culpepper, Mrs. Baton Rouge, 2012
  • "As far as gyms are concerned, Max Fitness is a step above the rest. My wife and I have been members at Max Fitness for about 2 years now, and we have noticed that everything about the gym is done with excellence. The staff is kind, the gym is clean, and the equipment is top of the line. John and Christy Goodwin, the owners of Max Fitness, are always willing and ready to assist me or my wife with any of our health and fitness goals. The atmosphere of Max Fitness is inviting, encouraging and motivating. I would highly recommend Max Fitness to anyone and everyone."
    Joel D’Aubin
  • "The staff is very personal with their members. You will not go unnoticed!"
    Arianna Landry
  • "Max Fitness is just what I'm looking for. I'm a mid-50's male, not a workout beast, who just wants a nice place for treadmill, stretching, and mild strength work. I like the new machines, the spacious work area and the variety of people who come in here."
    Matt Lynch
  • "Max has been the best decision we ever made! It's been great to workout somewhere that's fun, clean and has a great atmosphere! I've learned a ton training with Brian and Nick! I can't believe the results from working out and eating better! I've never been in better shape!
    Allison Kurpius